Monday, April 23, 2007

Designer Runway!

Hemitite, Black Glass Beads, Ceramic Turd Lookin' Beads and Copper Disc.
My friend asked me to look at some beads she had on hand that look like 'turds' and make something. I took on the challenge but it wasn't as easy as I anticipated. I had so many ideas that went through my head and I even strung some on but had to take it apart - it just didn't look right. Then a brilliant light went on! Actually, I was moving a bag of beads over and peaked into the bag and voila! the idea came to me. I'm very happy with what turned out. My friend, Jane, ended up taking it with her to one of the Fashion Shows, this past weekend, she was involved with. I was very happy to showcase this in an actual fashion show. I'm big now! lol.