Thursday, March 1, 2007

Izzy's Creating Masterpieces

I've made many things over the years and I'm training myself to scan my creations to post or just keep in my files (this will be one of my New Year's Resolutions starting today - wish me luck!) I love using any types of beads, gems and I love chainmaille. I started off giving my items away as gifts then my friend opened up a jewellery store and allows me bring in my creations in to sell. That is one way of receiving extra monies to support my hobby.

I made this bracelet last week. This is my first attempt making a spiral rope. I tried to make another one but it sure didn't look anything like this one. I am very good at misinterpreting instructions for some reason. Anyways, I wanted to hide the clasp so I made a floral at the end of the rope. It turned out better than I expected.
Pink & White Czech Beads
I made this set last Friday for a Bead Challenge. A moderator, Jen, purchased beads for all interested for a nominal fee and surprised us with what was purchased (10 bags of goodies). We had to use 50% of the beads sent to us in our creations. I used 6 bags of my gems to make this creation. I could have put my own beads in this but I thought stringing the ones supplied to me was just perfect. I am very happy with what evolved.
Pink Calcite Marquise, Triangular Shell, Black Agate,
Yellow Calcite Dice, Hematite Square Tube &
Green Aventuring Nuggets.

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