Friday, June 29, 2007

Let's Party On Birthday Girl!

I wanted to give my friend, Janet, a wonderful gift for her 40th birthday. I would have gone to the store to buy that 'perfect' gift, but the best gift is making something special that no one else could find - one of a kind piece of jewellery. I gave her a card with an IOU a piece of jewellery, but she had to inform me what colour choice she wanted. Janet choose the colour 'purple'. I didn't know if I had enough purples in my stash, but it worked out beautifully. I was so impressed how the colours all co-ordinated together.
I sure hope she loves it like
I do! What do you think?

Amethyst Chips, Amethyst Oval Beads, Blue Sandstone Oblong Nugget Beads, Flat Square Dichroic Bead, Beige Pearlized Glass Beads and My Now New Trademark Pewter Flower Charm.

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