Friday, June 29, 2007

Perfect Gift for that Special Teacher.

Flourite, Apatite, Moss Agate, Ocean Wave Glass Tube Bead
and Pewter Flower Charm.
I made this necklace for my son's teacher, Mrs. Amber Anderson. My son mentioned that he wanted it very simple, so my brains tried to create it as simple as I could (since I was on a time-line of making it less than 30 minutes). While I was making the necklace my son told me to stop as that was 'it'. Wow! He was correct as the necklace didn't need anymore embellishments as it looked just right. My son has such good taste and I love his critism (even though he says I made nicer things in the past ;(). So here it is . . . . my creation collaberated with my son - I think I still have brain cells left.

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Anonymous said...

Really good. Sure, I'm not a jewellerly person but it deserves high marks.