Tuesday, August 26, 2008


White and Peacock Potato Pearls, Cranberry and Spruce Rice Pearls, Agate Flowers, Hemitite Rondelles and MOP Rectangles.
I was interested in doing a bracelet SWAP with a forum that I belong not too long ago. Who doesn't want to own more jewellery?! I continue to buy jewellery from other artisans and make my own jewellery to wear too. My husband rolls his eyes whenever we go on a trip, because I simply must go and purchase a piece or two of jewellery. Of course, you know what my husband is saying under his breath don't you? I appreciate what work goes into the pieces I buy from an artisan and I love supporting the individual. Anyways, back to the bracelet SWAP. In another forum, I signed up to receive pieces of unknown beads for a small amount of funds (was I impressed what I received in the mail and the quantity is unbelievable!) and the challenge was to make anything with it. So the piece of jewellery I was to make was a no brainer. I made this bracelet for a lady named Heather in NFLD and I'm so happy she loves pearls. Also she took this picture of her new bracelet and boy does she know how to utilize her photoshop. I wish I were so good at using photoshop but everything will come in time. One day I'll be as good as others out there. Just you wait and see. If you make your own jewellery and want to participate in SWAPS I highly recommend it as you will not be disappointed. I've heard others parttaking in SWAPS and not receiving their pieces, but luckily I have not been dissatisfied.

Did you know that you are able to dye your own pearls, bone, shells, etc? Tomorrow, I'll give you some information of how to do it yourself guidelines.

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