Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taking Care of Your Jewellery

As you know jewellery could become easily damaged if we don't take care of it. I know the facts yet I'm guilty of not handling my jewellery properly all the time.

Here's some things to consider:

We should always place our jewellery in a safe place to avoid tangling of necklaces and keep our earrings together. Some of us don't even bother to take it off when we go to bed. I'm guilty of this of this and this is a big NO NO. Leaving jewellery on overnight could lead necklaces, bracelets or even earrings getting broken. Ask my friend, Jane, she gives me beautiful jewellery as gifts and I don't want to take them off, but they end up falling off and disappearing to the unknown world or they simply break because I do not follow the golden rule.

Storing your exquisite pieces of jewellery is something to think about. I'm sure many of you have jewellery boxes, but most jewellery is better off hung, this way all your necklaces cannot get tangled together, and it also means that it is easier for you to look at your jewellery to find the perfect one for your outfit! I do change my jewellery almost every day unless that certain gems cries out for me.

The best way and what I do for my incredible array of jewellery I own (unfortunately some are still in boxes as I needed another place to hand my stash) for the last 15 years is hang them up on a screened picture frame. I purchased a 'raw' picture frame from a frame store, which I varnished with the colour I wanted and let it dry over a few days. I then stapled a screen which was cut to the size of the picture frame which is pliable. I put a picture anchor on the back of the picture frame and hung it up on a nail on the back of my bedroom door. As you can see by the picture as I noted before, I am able to see the selection of my necklaces and earrings without any difficulty (except what's in the plastic bag which is filled with rings ~ what to do with those?).

Sure the jewellery box keeps your jewellery together and protected from dust and little children, but why not enjoy by seeing what you have. Hanging your jewellery is definitely the best way to look after it. I have loads of experience to give it 10 out of 10.

Some jewellery that you own especially which are plated should been worn only on special days as they cannot withstand everyday wear and tear. But then, I also believe that any type of jewellery should be worn to be enjoyed and if they fall apart it could possibly be made cheaply (you hope not) or that you simply wore it so much it was used well.

I do own some plated pieces but a large portion is sterling silver (ss). Jewellery cleaning clothes is an important thing to own. You may not notice your jewellery is looking a bit dirty, but if you rub it with the cloth is restores its beauty and lustre. These jewellery cloths are available at any jewellery store at a reasonable price.

In regards to jewellery cleaner I don't use chemicals except for toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean my jewellery except anything containing pearls. In the past, when I used the cleaner which involved dipping and taking out; well, I must say I dipped but forgot to take it out and the ss was destroyed by the chemicals. So keep in mind when searching for a good one, please speak to a knowledgeable jeweller for advise.


Jamie said...

Great advice Izzy! Keep up the good writing girl! :)

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Jane Of Handmade Jewelry Club said...

Thanks for the tips. I likke your blog.