Saturday, January 10, 2009

How Time Flies! Resolutions.

I was just looking through other blogs and I noticed when I updated my last one. Yikes! I didn`t realize `Taking Care of Your Jewellery` was sitting in my draft file not published since September 13th. One of my New Year`s Resolution must be - if you type something out publish it! even on the same day! who care about corrections!

There are other resolutions to be made: figure out why my etsy account (createdbyizzy) has all my items for sale items disappear. Of course, I should be figuring this out `NOW`instead of typing this out. Is this called procrastinating? . . . probably. Today, I am not in a mood to be frustrated. Another resolution, I want to make more jewellery than I have been in the last six months. When one has a family and who solely drives the kids here and there for extra curricular the nights go by quickly. During the day I have three part-time jobs, therefore, the day is gone before I know it. At least I must say I`m having fun at what I do. So I must make some time for ME. Yes, that`s correct. Many of us forget we must make time for ourselves as it will blossom us to be a better person as we reflect things that happened during day and make your body slow down to rejuvenate. Do I still have wrinkles? Yep!

What else could I promise myself. Eat less with proper portions. I do not salt any of my food and rarely eat fried foods, so why do I have a big tummy? hmmmm something to think on, but the portions would be a consideration. I must say I love Christmas as I receive many gifts of dark chocolate (darn church members lol - I work at a church). I am unable to resist just to eat one piece of chocolate a day; it is more like every time I go into the kitchen pop a chocolate into my mouth so I`m content. Yummy.

I think I better make a New Years resolution list out soon . . at least I have a start of a list.

Another year older but I hope I become wiser. I am counting down the days until my birthday and I`ll inform you if I do get wise - countdown begins 20, . . .


Perfectly Twisted said...

Noted! Will wish you the happy added year in 20... ;) You look great sweetie and so I don't think dipping into the chocolates will hurt too much! I just devoured a bag of snickers if it sooths you any. lol! Hugs, Susan.

Jamie said...

Now lets not talk about big tummies Izzy!!! :P

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Dani said...

Hey girlfriend.. don't even try to resist,, it's the natural order of things and we should ALL eat at least one bite of chocolate a day~! By the way, I nominated you for the Lemonade award.. you can read about it here: Have a great day, Izzy~!!!